Complaints regarding tickets purchase and price increase


We are sorry to hear there have been people in your community experience issues with online ticket purchases. This is our first year rolling it out across 43 pavilions so there is bound to be some growing pains. We also understand that this change could take some time to resonate with our patrons, but are always here to support any customer service issues they face through an email to [email protected] or a phone call to 204-982-6210.

As far as the cost of the Vickar Automotive Group Multi-pack (that is the correct name and should be published as such) it is still a reduced cost to enter pavilions and the reason for the fee is that a service charge applies to every admission, regardless of in advance or at the door purchases.  Therefore with 12 admissions, the fee is $12.

And lastly to address the technical difficulties, we have extended hours of customer support from Tixit (our ticket partner) to help troubleshoot any issues, so we are sorry for the difficulty but we remain on track and are pleased to report that online ticket sales are going very well with much positive feedback as well.

Christa Mariash