В Канаде нашли медвежонка-альбиноса

Фото: rafaelpernia/instagram.com

Фотографу Рафаэлю Пернии из Канады удалось заснять редкого медведя-альбиноса.

Животное гуляло рядом со своей бурой мамой на юге провинции Альберта. «Такие медведи встречаются редко», — сказал Перния. Точное место съемки фотограф не указывает в целях безопасности животного.

Медвежонок, скорее всего, родился этой зимой.

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Despite its name, the black bear of North America comes in several colors. Besides black, it can have several shades of brown and even dark blue. The rarest, is the "White Black Bear" or "Blonde" bear. For a blonde bear to be even possible to exist, both parents need to have the recessive gene MCR1, the same gene associated to red hair in humans. It's not an albino. I was extremely lucky to stumble upon this multicolored family today. The mom is a "Cinnamon". Two cubs are black and one is white. The last white bear sighting in the area was in 2017, a female known as Minuka. All bear sightings in provincial and national parks must be reported to parks authorities but this white cub is so special that it might need extra protection from the public.

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